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Fivescenthelp.com is for everyone, who is passionate about living a chemical and toxin free lifestyle. Every day, we learn about more and more products on the market, that have dangerous chemicals. Young Living Essential Oil products do not have any toxins or chemicals. They are the # 1 selling essential oil in the world. Young Living company, started 23 years ago, and has expanded to all kinds of products made of these essential oils. Shampoos, lotions, facial products, mens and baby products, pet products, foods and way so much more. Simply visit my Young Living web site to discover all of the products available. You can purchase them on line, and the only way is to know someone that is a distributor. I am your distributor. I will help you with any questions at any time. 24/7. You can also purchase all of the products wholesale. You will get a discount of 24% on every product, every day. Don't have to wait on a sale. Plus, if you share the oil with someone, and they choose to become a whole sale customer/distributor, Young Living will send you a check for $ 50 dollars. For EVERY person. They take care of all of the manufacturing, shipping, payments and there are bonuses and a whole lot more in your future. Come join up. Become totally toxic free!. Start with your face products, then shower products, you don't have to do it all in one month, do one product a month. Start the swap out, and you will feel so much better. Thieves cleaner is my absolute fav. One bottle, can last you a year, and you can clean EVERY thing in your home with it, toxic free. Counter, floors, bathroom, hardwood floors, inside, outside, every thing. The bottle is about 30 dollars, and you can make a lot of bottles of clean.! I take a shot of Ningxia Red, every say for energy. A cleanse my face every day with their products, I love. Here is my challenge. Take 1 product you use in the shower, or on your face, or what you clean with, and the item that you can not pronounce, Google : dangers of ________ what ever it is. Phenoxyethonol, I have discovered is in just about everything. It is very toxic and can cause, skin irritations, effect brain and nervous systems, and can cause DNA mutations. They say only on animals, but they even have not tested it on humans. That is scary period. I plan to post the latest and greatest information about how you can feel better. I teach Yoga because I want to help those that want to, feel better. Communication is bigger than it has ever been and we hear about the things we love to do or love to eat even, that is not good for us to do any more because it could cause disease or its just not good for us anymore. Well, I for one, want to know this information just as soon as I can, just like I know you do to. Like just this year, we learned that aluminum foil, causes alzheimer's disease. Wow. That shocked me, I wrapped my food up in aluminum foil. We all did. Too much sugar, too much salt, the bad fats, the good cholesterol, who can keep up with it all. We are stressed. We feel tired. We can't sleep. Ill give you at least five scents worth. It's worth it. Then click on my Young Living web site, www.myyl.com/debhal1 to get started living Toxic/Chemical free. Call me with any questions you have. 214-578-5192 or email Debbie@fivescenthelp.com


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To share Young Living Essential Oils and products. This is the place to learn more about how to feel better and how to help your loved ones feel better. Every day, in the news, another warning about yet another product we have used or maybe ate all of our lives, and now it causes a disease. How does that make you feel? Toxins are everywhere and in everything.

Lets keep learning and sharing to keep ourselves free of toxins, and disease!

My story: I created “fivescenthelp” just this year, when I was able to really save so much money on the items I purchased every day, I was able to retire from my corporate job. No seriously. Listening to Dave Ramsey, became debt free, then became toxic free. For example how much do you spend on household cleaners for example per year? Dish soap, 409, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaners, added up, maybe 500 to 1000 dollars. And full of toxic dangerous chemicals. I purchased the “Thieves cleaner bottle for 30 dollars from Young Living, and a year has gone by, and I still have some, and its pure, no chemicals. And it smells beautiful. Thats my story. Lots more stories like this one. So join me!


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Don’t buy one more dangerous bottle of bleach, visit my website to order your Young Living products at www.myyl.com/debhal1

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